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Let Us Bring Hawaiian Shave Ice To You

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Setting Ourselves Apart

Our cart allows us to be face-to-face with your guests as we craft their frozen treats, engaging them in the art of shaving ice. We take pride in using only the highest-quality ingredients - syrups with absolutely no harmful additives, and our ice blocks are made with filtered water, ensuring a clean and refreshing taste. We never compromise on quality and always prioritize creating a memorable and exciting experience for our customers.

Crafted With Care,
Customized For You

We come to you with our top of the line ice shaving machine and craft ices for your guests in person. We offer a selection of our naturally flavored syrups and a variety of toppings are available to cater to everyone's unique preferences.

For a spiked twist on our favorite frozen treat, we offer the option to combine flavored syrups with your favorite liquors.

*Liquors to be provided by client

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Brand Events

Our collaboration with Teremana Tequila was a hit! We offered guests a refreshing twist on the brand, enticing them with the opportunity to enjoy their favorite alcohol in a new and exciting presentation. The unique branding opportunity we created for Teremana allowed them to stand out amidst numerous other brands at the event. The combination of flavorful shave ice and premium spirits was a winning recipe that left guests talking about the experience long after the event ended.

Pricing and Coordination

We tailor our menu to the needs of your event and have flexible scaling options for gatherings of all sizes.

Pricing begins at $400 and is scaled upwards based on the following factors:

  • Number of guests served

  • Toppings & extras

  • Distance to event

  • Length of event

Use the contact link below to request a custom quote for your event!​

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Event Quote Request

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